Introduction To Cannabis Edibles

Weed edibles offer a different experience than smoking or vaping cannabis. When you eat cannabis, the THC is absorbed through your stomach and small intestine and then passes into your bloodstream. It takes longer for the effects to kick in when you eat cannabis compared to when you smoke it, but they last much longer. If you’re new to cannabis edibles, here’s what you need to know.

What Are Edibles?

Edibles are a great way to enjoy your favorite recreational weed strain, especially if you’re not into smoking. From sweet treats like gummy bears and cakes with frosting down south under some delicious dissolvable tabs; there’s something here for everyone!

Edibles offer a unique way to feel the effects of cannabinoids and terpenes. When you consume an edible, that item enters your digestive system before being metabolized within our bodies over time; this means we could experience their effect anytime between thirty minutes up one hour but still reap greater benefits because these foods take longer than other forms like smoking or vaping does!

Different Types of Edibles

The types of edibles at dispensaries will vary from state to state, but this list compiles some tried and true favorites.

Gummies & Chews

Edibles are great for those looking to enjoy their favorite candy without the guilt, but it’s important not only to take care of how much you eat. The right dosage varies depending on each edible and its effects may vary greatly from person-to edible so make sure that if there are side orders or aftertaste present in certain types then just know this might mean too little when ingested by others!

Baked Goods

A new trend in the cannabis industry is experiencing an exponential growth rate. In some states, you can purchase cookies and pancakes depending on regulations! Baked goods make up one of the most popular types among consumers who enjoy their snacks at home or take them along when traveling.


Have you ever wanted to enjoy a cupcake or cookie but didn’t want the sugar high that comes from eating too many? Now there’s an alternative: cannabis-infused chocolates. They provide all of these tasty flavors with none of those negative side effects, making them healthier than traditional versions!

Cannabis Edibles from Cannamazoo 24hr Recreational Weed Dispensary

Cannamazoo 24hr Recreational Weed Dispensary is the perfect dispensary for those who are looking to buy weed at any time of the day. We have knowledgeable staff members on hand to answer any questions customers might have about the products we offer.

Our store offers several different strains of marijuana, as well as a variety of edibles such as brownies, gummies, and more. We want to provide our patients with a health-focused environment where they can purchase medical and recreational marijuana.

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